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No Money Down, No Payments, No Interest for 12 Months!*
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Gutter Helmet Richmond VA

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MR. FIX-IT™ is a premium installer of Gutter Helmet in Richmond, VA and surrounding areas. Keep leaves, pine needles, and other debris out of your gutters. Ensure that your home’s gutters remain free-flowing. Deter rodents, birds, and mosquitos, and help prevent other animal infestations. Stay off that shaky ladder! Gutter Helmet has been saving homeowners time, work and trouble since 1963, when its unique gutter protection design patent was first made available to homeowners. Many imitators have since come and gone, but none of them can offer you the same protection from clogged rain gutters. That’s why Gutter Helmet is recommended by Dean Johnson of Hometime and has also been featured on the PBS series This Old House.

How It Works


  • Installs Over New or Existing Gutters
  • Gutters Can’t Clog or Overflow
  • Keeps Leaves, Needles, Dirt, and Debris Out
  • Prevents Animals, Birds & Insects from Nesting
  • Directs Rain Water Away From Your Home
  • Guaranteed for Life

  • Mold / Mildew in Attics, Basements, Ceilings and Wall Spaces*
  • Rotten Wood on Your Siding and Roof Edge (eve, fascia, soffit)*
  • Cracked Foundations*
  • Landscape Erosion (dead flowers & plantings)*
  • Insect Infestation*
  • Dirty Clogged Gutters*
*May result from clogged gutters & misdirected water

Filters out Every Leaf and Twig


While Gutter Helmet is busy capturing every drop of rain that falls on your roof, it is also rejecting every leaf, twig and bits of debris that come along with the rain. As rain flows around the rounded edge and into the gutter through the small slit, leaves and debris cannot pass through the narrow opening and they continue their downward direction and drop to the ground. (Some gutter protection systems allow leaves and other debris to get into your gutters—so you are still stuck with the problem of cleaning your gutters.) No wonder more American homes are protected by Gutter Helmet than any other system.

Gutter Helmet’s Patented Finish Stays Clean Forever

Gutter Helmet Installation Metal Roof

Gutter Helmet not only saves you time and worry—it also adds beauty to your home. Constructed of durable but lightweight aluminum, Gutter Helmet is protected by a patented PermaLife™ finish, which is available in a number of gutter colors to blend with your home. The textured PermaLife finish is not only beautiful, but it provides ultimate protection from acid rain and other harmful elements in the air. This assures you that Gutter Helmet’s original beauty will never become discolored or stained over the years.

Installed with Care by Professionals

Gutter Helmet Installation

Gutter Helmet is installed over your existing gutters by professional craftsmen who have been trained in the Gutter Helmet factory. Before installation, if you’re existing gutters need cleaning and minor repairs, your Gutter Helmet installer will provide them at no extra charge. All care is taken to protect your landscaping and grounds during the installation of your gutter system. And if your roof is under warranty, it will not be affected by Gutter Helmet installation. Gutter Helmet’s methods have been evaluated and approved by major roofing manufacturers.

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Limited Time Offer

No Money Down, No Payments, No Interest for 12 Months!*

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Satisfied MR. FIX-IT™ Customers
"I am most impressed with MR. FIX-IT's installation crew. Their workmanship speaks for itself, and they displayed good product knowledge. Their appearance was neat and manners were impeccable. Keep up the good work guys….yes, people do notice!"
- Rod C.
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