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MR. FIX-IT™ offers outstanding bathroom remodeling to homeowners in Richmond, VA. We are the experts in bath luxury and value. Remodel your bathroom with a NuBath replacement bathtub or shower and a customized wall surround. These products offer ideal solutions to problems like these:

  • Cracked, rusty or damaged bathtub
  • Old, out of style bathtub
  • Old tile and failing grout
  • Peeling caulk or yellow caulk
  • Cheap fixes: fiberglass and reglazing
  • Hard to clean soap scum, mold and mildew
  • Bath safety and accessible showers

For the quickest, easiest, most cost-effective bathroom remodeling, we install certified Bathwraps products. Bathwraps provide an easy and beautiful solution to bath problems. Our systems are used by the top hotel chains as their secret weapon against continuous abuse and extreme wear conditions. The biggest names in hospitality and comfort choose acrylic because of its durability, mold resistance and low maintenance.

Bathwraps custom-manufactured tubs, showers, and wall systems can be installed in the footprint of your existing tub and shower—usually in one day—with no messy tear-out. Plus, our exclusive MilGuard™ protection means your new bath will remain mold and mildew resistant for the life of your home. nubath2Mr. Fix-It™ can remodel bathrooms which can be customized for your designer needs with amazing tile and fixtures, or they can work with homeowners on low maintenance bathtub systems which are custom manufactured to your exact dimensions. The installers of Mr. Fix-It™ are full time employees which have been nationally certified where details matter. Renovating your bathroom has been shown to allow homeowners to get as much as 114% of a return on their investment which is why so many homeowners make such decisions with ease. In less than one day, and at a fraction of the cost of lengthy demolition and replacement, you can have a beautiful new bathroom! These tubs are virtually maintenance free—just wipe clean—you will never have to scrub or use harsh cleaners again. Our systems are fully guaranteed and will not rust, crack, mildew or fade. The Acrylic is non-porous and resists germs and dirt – YOUR FAMILY WILL BE SAFER AND CLEANER. These tubs also keep bath water warmer longer, but best of all, you will be Happier! Every time you walk into your bathroom your day will brighten.

How It Works

When you meet with our consultant they will measure 17 different proportions of your bath using our exclusive Patented TUB ID system. These dimensions are entered into our proprietary computer program, and along with specific photos an exact fit for your tub is created. Our factory-trained technicians then use a special template for accurate fit of your tub, shower pan or walls. We can also position accessories almost anywhere to match your needs.

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